New Job Or No Boyfriend

Here’s my latest hypothesis: my job is preventing me from having a boyfriend. Why do I think this? Of my five co-workers, one is a single mom, two are single, one is widowed, and one has a bad marriage. All of these people are above the age of 40. The signs don’t bode well for me.

So lately I’ve been thinking more than normally about getting out of my current job and getting into a different one. Sure, I may be just like the majority of people who dislike their job, but how many people do you know who are at a job that could potentially be keeping them from being in a stable and healthy relationship?

I’m not positive that there is definitely a connection between working at my job and being single, but I sure wouldn’t be surprised if there was some sort of correlation. There might be some holes in my thought process, but then again, this isn’t necessarily something I want to test out either. All I know is that if I stay at this job much longer, there is a likely chance I could end up lumped together with my co-workers in the single department.

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2 Responses to New Job Or No Boyfriend

  1. skinbycarrielorrain says:

    you aren’t wrong… something like 70 percent of all married Service couples end in divorce. Police, Fire, Military – any job that keeps you from your family for extended periods of time ruin marriages. Even if you both really really want it to work….

    • Dazey2 says:

      Thanks for the statistic, but in fact, I have a simple desk job doing Graphic Design. So I suppose my end is not very time-consuming…

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