New Favorite Musicians: Rizzle Kicks

I am always pleased when I discover a new musician that I especially like. I find it even more special when I discover new music on my own. This time though, I suppose I owe it to my love for Mayer Hawthorne to give credit for my new favorite musicians. It started with this video that I found while roaming through Mayer Hawthorne’s collection in preparation for his concert that I attended on the 17th:

Those Rizzle Kicks kids are not too shabby! And they’re pretty cute too. So I decided to see what else they had on the old, YouTube. Turns out the British Hip Hop duo has quite a few good tracks out there. They describe their album as, “a mixture of pop and hip hop incorporating the fun elements of the old school hip-hop era circa 1988-92” which I feel is a pretty good description of their ultra-ctachy sound. Below are a few of my favorite songs of theirs:

Totally my new favorite song.

Love the Ska influence in this one.

 Best line: “And when our tune drops you know it makes your head bounce.” Truth.

 Very fun and upbeat sounding!

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