Drunken Signature Art 5

It’s been a while since I’ve both have the privilege to imbibe in more than plenty alcohol- as well as sign my name while doing so. Today’s edition of the Drunken Signature Art is actually a throw-back. I found these two receipts while going through a desk drawer. I must have known that these two gems were destined for my blog and saved them.

These were from a rather fun evening out on the last Friday in March. The evening accounted for a total of four bars for me. These receipts are from the last two bars of the night, before hitting up some Chinese food in Chinatown to finish off the bar crawl of sorts.

 This first one leans more towards the abstract and the minimalist. In that signature (which you can see, wasn’t even needed on the customer copy, but which I obliged myself to nonetheless) I omit numerous letters and even just use a first initial for my last name- a first. The scribble looking thing is just fabulous.

In the second signature, I actually try much harder here to scrawl out each and every letter. It’s as if I am overcompensating for the lack of letters in the earlier signature. This signature would actually almost be totally fine and not drunken-looking at all, had I not completely messed it up with the swirling black hole I finished it all off with. That mess of a spiral is circling out of control, smack dab in the middle of my name causing quite an unnecessary and decorative commotion.

Both of these drunken signatures are pretty mesmerizing. In one night I went from over-simplifying myself to uncontrollably overcompensating. Sounds like quite a night for creating art to me. That night proved to be fuel for some pretty alcohol-induced typography.

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One Response to Drunken Signature Art 5

  1. Joe says:

    dang, that first one is pretty!

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