Be Wary Of British Gummies

My parents recently took a trip to England and like the generous parents they are, they brought me and my siblings back a souvenir. We hadn’t asked for anything, and I wasn’t expecting anything, so it came as a surprise when they presented me with a bright Union Jack’d bag of gummy candies. The bag contained an assortment of gummy candies: bears, coke bottles, fried eggs, rings, and hearts. It’s apparently known as the Starmix, even though no stars were present.

I didn’t think much of it, when I gladly consumed the contents of the bag. But after I had emptied the bag, I decided to check out the weird, British packaging a little further. It wasn’t until I read the candy’s ingredients that I realized I had been duped; tricked, if you will to eating my green veggies…

See what I circled there? Yup, apparently amongst a number of seemingly normal fruit extracts, Haribo decided it would be a good idea to include spinach of all foods, into the gummy candies. Now, thankfully I didn’t actually taste it (even though I like spinach, I feel like tasting it in a candy might be a tad odd, if not unexpected) but I feel like the inclusion of spinach to this candy doesn’t actually add any remarkable flavors or healthful benefits (though, if it did, then I am thus impressed the the candy company for figuring that one out). I just simply found it strange that Popeye’s fuel was unusually being used for gummy candies. Who knew?

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