Brighten Up Your Mood!

I was feeling pretty crummy all day today, which stinks, as it’s a Friday. The weekend is soon upon us and I should not be feeling lame. So I opted for a quick fix: I went outside. Well it turns out that my solution proved to be better than I had anticipated. The fresh air was a relief from the stale, office air. The sunlight was overly bright and blinding, but I welcomed it, since the dull fluorescents in my office were surely getting to me. And the temperature outside was perfect: a light breeze but warm. Walking around in the fresh, clean air was just what I needed.

My remedy reminded me that bright colors are supposed to mimic the Vitamin D you get from being out in the sunlight and are supposed to perk you up. Since going out and soaking up some rays is not always a feasible option, I’ve decided to try to bring in some outstanding bright colors and images into today’s post. Can’t go outside? Save the page and take a gander at it next time you need some perking up!

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