Good Morning! Drawings

Today, I have new art to share with y’all that I am pretty proud of. I am actually kind of surprised with how much I like looking at these two latest drawings that I created yesterday. These comical drawings illustrate an unfortunate task that is handed to us all in our lives at some point (though hopefully not ever). It all started with my friend’s simple and harmless Facebook status yesterday morning…

So I did with this status update like anyone should do, and I illustrated what I thought it should look like. I didn’t want to get too graphic or nasty with the actual clogged toilet for many reasons, but I did want to illustrate that this situation could be actually relatively humorous. I think you need to see my drawings to see what I mean:

Yes folks, those are two drawings of clogged/overflowing toilets saying, “Good Morning!” In the first drawing we see a toilet spewing action lines full of spaghetti toilet water and waste all over the floor.  The cartoonish eyes and expression leads us to believe the toilet is experiencing some sort of relief. In the second drawing, we see a toilet already in the midst of being unclogged via a plunger. The expression on this toilet shows a combination of embarrassment and discomfort. One can only imagine that a toilet would be going through these such emotions, much like a person would be in such a situation. And of course, amidst the whole scenario, both toilets are still able to fit in a, “Good Morning!” to the casual passerby. Really, the drawings wouldn’t be complete without the added expression.

“Good Morning! Uuuuggghhh…”

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