Sons of Fathers Play D.C.

Yesterday evening, a friend and I were delighted to see a new band that has been getting rave reviews from all over the country. While the band is very new (I think I heard they are less than a year old), they’re garnering plenty of well-deserved attention. Thank goodness I have really gotten into the music of Uncle Lucius, because they’ve led me to expand my horizons of other grooving Southern bands. It’s through Uncle Lucius, that I discovered my latest favorite band, Sons of Fathers, another band from Austin, Texas. Luckily, I was able to catch Sons of Fathers in concert last night at Hill Country in D.C. and I was definitely pleased with the outing. The band of young twenty-somethings immediately captivated the small downstairs bar and their sound fabulously filled the space.

Sons of Fathers at Hill Country last night.

One of the aspects that makes Sons of Fathers such a great catch is that their sound is hard to label. I’d call them a mix of folk, blues, and country with a definite Southern twang. They’ve been compared to the Avett Brothers recently, though I would venture that they’ve got a more complex sound than that. My friend thought they sounded like a non-British, Southern version of Mumford and Sons. I think the harmonies are similar to Simon and Garfunkel’s. They’ve got the folkiness of Bob Dylan though, the Soulfulness of Jack White, and the mellow vibe of the Avett Brothers. But I wouldn’t be able to put their sound into a box. A cool thing to take note of, is that in an unusual twist, the bass player, David has the higher voice of the singing duo, and Paul, who plays the guitar, has the deeper, lower voice. This unique combination makes for some incredibly interesting harmonies intertwining lines of measure.

 Possibly my new favorite song of theirs.

The show they put on was fun, though it was a little disheartening to see the majority of the crowd cowering in the back of the room by the bar. There were too many empty seats up by the band. I swear, those boys are not an intimidating bunch! My friend and I got to meet the bandmates and were immediately impressed with their friendliness and Southern hospitality and charm.

 This is another favorite song of theirs. I definitely had it stuck in my head for the 48 hours leading up to their D.C. concert.

After the show, I was able to converse more with the band and found myself chatting up their manager. Both the manager and a merch guy/roadie told me that they noticed I was especially into the music – and that that was great; they really took note and appreciated my enthusiasm. I thought that was funny, but was kind of honored that they were able to pick me out. Their manager and I noted that this band could very well become the next big thing. I mean, heck- they even did an interview with Matthew McConaughey!

The band.

Paul Cauthen on guitar.

David Beck plucking the bass.

Regan Schmidt on the slide guitar.

Bryan Mammel at the keys.

Of the band, I spoke with Bryan, the new keyboardist (he was playing his 4th show with the band which was both surprising and impressive). He was especially nice and should get more of a spotlight in the band with his hopping keys playing. Lead members Paul and David were as usual, spot on with their vocals and guitar and bass playing, respectively. Especially notable was David’s hyped up energy and bouncing about on stage. His whoopin between numbers was cute too, as his hijinks made it obvious that the band was having a rollicking good time. Paul was cool and collected which worked alongside David’s energy and while I welcomed the brief outbursts of enthusiasm that he displayed, I wish they were displayed more often. I wasn’t able to talk much to the rest of the band, drummer, Dees Stribling, guitarist, Regan Schmidt, or their newest guitar player, but of the brief exchanges I had with all, they seemed like good fellows like the rest of the band.

 This video showcases a number of  new songs that will be on their upcoming album!

The music of Sons of Fathers was spot on and catchy and easy to listen to. The band brings a lot of energy to otherwise what could be pretty mellow music. I wish the others in the room had sat down and quieted enough to really listen in though. This band really deserves your attention and I expect to see big things from them in the future (including the release of their second album this summer)!

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  1. Casey says:

    Here’s a preview of the upcoming album, part 1of 4, others to be released over the summer –

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