Sons Of Fathers Free Music Download!

I’ve been really getting into Southern music lately, starting with Uncle Lucius, and now with Sons of Fathers, two amazing Austin bands that you should check out. Well, easy for you, today I am bringing you a brand spanking new, unreleased song from Sons of Fathers that you can download for free! Apparently the band’s publicist and manager enjoyed this review so much that they want to get their music out there for everyone, no holds barre. Writes their publicist:

Please post Sons of Fathers’ “Burning Days.” This isn’t even mastered yet but the mp3 is so good that I couldn’t wait to get it out there. Sons of Fathers’ 2nd album ‘Big Diamond Waltz’ is due in August. They’ve been compared to Zeus and Dawes (both by Baeble Music) and the Avett Brothers (by AOL Music). I also hear a little bit of Jack White, which makes sense since the new Sons of Fathers was mixed by Vance Powell, who mixed ‘Blunderbuss’ and albums by the Raconteurs and Dead Weather. Also, eMusic named them one of “12 bands to watch in 2012.” Here’s the embeddable, downloadable Soundcloud link of “Burning Days,” which absolutely scorches:

So there you have it folks. Download that baby and play it tons. Play it for everyone. People will come up to you and thank you for pleasing their ears. I hope to bring y’all more news of Sons of Fathers in the near future. So until then, please share their music! Plus, you can feel all knowledgable when the band becomes huge and you can say you knew about them before they were cool. A Hipster thing, perhaps. An awesome thing? Of course.

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