The Famed Journey Of My Uncle Lucius Drawing

In the latest exciting news about my art get noticing, today’s post is about a certain drawing I created a while back for a certain band. To sum things up, I created an “outline drawing” of Austin’s own, Uncle Lucius band and posted it to my blog last November. Then, this past March, I received a message from the band telling me they found the image I drew and absolutely loved it. Apparently they liked it enough that they were considering using it for band merchandise. Not too shabby. After continuing that conversation with the band, I went ahead and created my own shirt with my drawing:

Once word got out that this shirt was produced, many of the band’s fans wanted a shirt for themselves. I had never anticipated the wide-spread attention and was obviously excited. But then this weekend, I received an email from another band member regarding the same image/t-shirt. Not only was the band continuing to receive compliments about the iconic image, but they wanted to increase the art’s exposure. So with my (obvious!) permission, they used my drawing as the cover picture for their Facebook group’s page:

The exposure has been quite exciting. The reception has been fabulous of my art, and I’ve already had suggestions from others to produce similar drawings for other bands. I’m looking forward to seeing what else stems from this cool drawing that I did!

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