My Top 5 Most Attractive Country Singers

I admit that I’m new to the Country music scene. I’m not that well versed in the who’s who of the genre quite yet, but I’m learning. So far, the only info I’ve got is on these two guys, but the education is continuing. The learning process isn’t too bad though, when there is a lot of eye candy! So today I am presenting y’all with my beginner’s guide to five of the most attractive men in the country music business.

My number one hunk is the man I accredit to my interest in the country music genre. Oklahoma native and 35 year old, Blake Shelton is a mega-cutie and my latest celebrity crush. I think it’s self-explanatory, but seriously, just check out those pearly blues:

Number two on my list is a fellow I actually know very little about. May I present to you, Chuck Wicks. His wikipedia page however, informs me that this 32 year old is from Delaware and made his way to Music City/Nashville through a brief stink in reality television.

The third guy to grace my list is Luke Bryan. I know about him through this fantastic tune. This 35 year old Georgian native likes to say, “warshing” in lieu of the probably more recognizable word, “washing.”

Arizona native and Vanderbilt alumnus, Dierks Bentley makes the list at number four. Another fellow clocking in at 36 years old, he’s the oldest gent on my list. I’m also supportive of both his short and longer hair styles.

And coming in at final number five is scruff-master, Josh Turner. A 34 year old, South Carolinan his low voice doesn’t seem to quite match with his very young looking face. He almost didn’t make my list, but I decided that while he looks strikingly young, he’s still got the charm.

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