Uncle Lucius Interview Part 1

Today I have another band interview for CAPSLoveTwo! We’ve already had a good number of bands talk about their music on this blog which has been great. In today’s post, we break down an in-depth interview, a few questions at a time. This multiple-part interview is with a band I have been fortunate to develop a relationship with: Uncle Lucius. Their website can be found here, where you can listen to a few of their hit songs. This first part was done through Lucius’ bass player, Hal, one of the bandmates I have befriended.

The band plays tonight at D.C.’s newest upscale restaurant/concert venue, The Hamilton at 7:30pm and there’s still time to snag your ticket. Tomorrow night they head on up to Annapolis to play at The Metropolitan Lounge at 7pm. So may I present to y’all, the first part of the Uncle Lucius interview…

Uncle Lucius is: Kevin Galloway, Hal Vorphal, Josh Greco, Jon Grossman, and Mike Carpenter

I’ve heard conflicting stories about the origins of the band’s name. I’ve heard the band is named after either a bottle of whiskey or a family legend, Grandpa Lucius. What’s the real deal?

It’s definitely not a bottle of whiskey…

What happened to your original drummer? Why the switch to Josh?

Our original drummer was on a different path. [He was a] great guy and there’s no hard feelings at all.

Who is the group’s leader? (Is there one?)

Uncle Lucius.

What is your favorite original Uncle Lucius song?

N/A. We don’t have any favorites.

I read somewhere that Hal is very much into writing poetry. Does that mean he writes many of the songs? Drummers don’t often write music- has Josh written any songs? What are the differences (if any) in the sound of everyone’s song-writing?

Each song is different. Some are brought in by individuals, some are written together, some are ideas that somebody brings in and then the band puts the rest together. Everybody in the band writes though. These different combinations provide for different sounds and styles for each song.

Hal, you used to sing in the band, but you don’t anymore and have almost become “The Quiet Beatle.”  You’re the only bandmate that currently doesn’t sing. Why did you stop? Do you ever miss singing?

Maybe in the future…

Who are your influences?

[There are] way too many to list, but [it] should be evident in our music.

Most musicians have multiple instruments/guitars for a performance, but you guys all seem to use the same guitar for every show, all show. Is this due to how often you travel or is that just the best sound you like? Or is there another reason? 

$$$$ [It’s just too expensive.]

If an Uncle Lucius fan wanted to listen to something that sounded similar to you, what contemporary music group do you sound like and would recommend someone listening to?

Some bands we’ve played with recently we [sound] like: Sons of Fathers, Deadman, Wheeler Bros., Lew Card, Hayes Carll.

What’s your dream for the future of the band? What can we expect to see from Uncle Lucius in the future?

More music!!!

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