Uncle Lucius D.C. Show Review

Last night everyone’s favorite uncle treated Washingtonians to a fabulous concert in the new venue space at The Hamilton. Uncle Lucius rocked the cavernous space and the audience was romping. The band graciously played a set of both old favorites, a cover, and some new, unreleased material, all of which unsurprisingly brought down the house. The only not so idea moment of the night was that the crowd size was seriously lacking, but I chalk that up to it being a Wednesday evening and that many people were attending a rare European soccer match way out at FedEx field. But no matter.

My review of that show is going to play out a little differently this time around. I diligently took a copious amount of notes during their show which I would like to share with you, roughly in the order in which I took them. These raw observations are presented verbatim and are just my opinions and observations that came to me at the time of the performance. Some comments are not to be taken seriously…

  • “I’ve never seen that logo before in my life!” -Kevin, about the projection on the wall behind the stage:

  • Josh’s fro is in FULL force!
  • Jon’s fro is also smashing!
  • Seriously, Kevin’s recently shaved, minimal beard makes him look like Blake Shelton!

  • Mike’s got a good pirate-beard going on.

  • Hal drinks Heineken. I may have just judged him.
  • WOW. Hal shaved.

  • If I could get lost in Josh’s fro… I would. 😉

  • In many bands, the bass part gets lost, but not with Uncle Lucius. The bass plays a significant role. I feel like your ears don’t need to try to “hunt” for the bass line. This is a fine example, with the bass coming in prominently around 2:07.
  • Jon’s organ-sound playing fits right in.
  • Woohoo! Hal’s got a new shirt. LOL.
  • There is a difference between an opener band and a headliner– it’s all in the self-confidence! Uncle Lucius’s got it FOR SURE.

  • I’m liking the Wah-Wah/distortion? pedal on the bass for “Somewhere Else” below. Nice touch. (2:46)
  • LOL: Uncle Lucius really took advantage of the echo-er (2:22-3:22). See below:

  • The Hamilton’s light effects were fun but looked like they were trying too hard:
  • “How about this light show?” – Kevin

  • To note: there was an uneasy amount of silence in between tunes.
  • Jon’s gentle voice is cautious-sounding yet it still works with the strong sound of the band.
  • Mike removed the sticker from his guitar! He said it was getting sticky or something. Was it hard to remove? He used a knife and may have accidentally chipped the wood in his guitar in the process.
  • I like the back-and-forth between the lead guitar (Mike) and the piano (Jon) especially on “Coming Down” and here.
  • * >> Jon is a GEM! << *

  • OMG. I’ve figured it out. Mike has HIPSTER facial hair. Just omg.
  • Major points to Hal for wearing a BOLO TIE.  -New favorite thing. (Just saying.)
  • Neil Young’s, “Are You Ready For The Country?” was only so-so. I’ve heard them play better covers, though I guess that it’s good that I prefer the originals to their covers.
  • Hal is anti “bar-fruit.” As in, he doesn’t like garnishes in his drinks. Good to know?
  • “Ladies especially love the accordion!” – Kevin, about Jon
  • Is it cool that I melt every time Kevin sings??
  • “Pocket Full Of Misery,” their newest single takes full advantage of Kevin’s hard-core TWANG. Yes! This sounds like a HIT!

 The song starts in at 1:48.

Like my previous experiences seeing the band, I was impressed with how warm and welcoming the band members are. They were very open to mingling with their fans after the show. I’m sure that one of the reasons this band resonates so well with me is because the members of the band are just so darn friendly. They were all genuinely glad to see I was in attendance and Josh even remembered a friend of mine who accompanied me to their last show in D.C.. In addition to their talent for making awesome music, I continue to be delighted by their kindness and all around good nature. Keep up the good work y’all!

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5 Responses to Uncle Lucius D.C. Show Review

  1. Alex says:

    Great review sounds like it was a great show as well!

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