Street Art: A Robot On The Metro

It’s been a while since the last time I highlighted some fantastic Street Art, but I’m back today to share with you my most recent noteworthy sighting. I do cherish the Friday Street Art postings, and hope to bring forth more in the future. Today’s item of interest is unique because it was spotted on the abnormally graffiti-less D.C. Metro Rail system.  It’s almost weird for me to say that the Metro isn’t really known for its graffiti or street art, especially when compared to the subway systems of other cities like New York which is on the opposite end and known for its graffiti displays. I guess I applaud D.C. for keeping its system clean.

Nonetheless, I found an eye-catching sticker on the Gallery Place-Chinatown stop on the Green/Yellow line, Southbound platform. I wish the picture was more clear, but I had to reach behind a person to take it, so that scenario wasn’t ideal.

This piece is definitely unique. We have a drawing on a sticker of a robot. The line work is very well executed and the expression of the character is cool, as one would not necessarily expect a robot to show such emotion. This robot of sorts looks like he’s yearning for something, clenched fists and all. The cartoon is a cute addition to the street art scene that is frequently made up of non-sensical imagery.

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