New York and Back

I went to New York over the weekend for what turned out to be one of the best weekends I’ve had this year. The main reason for my trip was to go to this weekend-long festival of Southern/folk/rock/alternative/hippie music called, Mountain Jam. I stayed with a friend who lives in Brooklyn and aside from our day trip up to Hunter Mountain on Saturday for the festival, the rest of the weekend deemed to be just as much a success.

I’d like to write a more full post on Mountain Jam later this week, complete with a ton of fantastic pictures and maybe even some video that I took on Saturday. But today I’ll give you a little taste of my incredibly memorable weekend with some teaser photos, and even a few haikus!

Mountain Jam Haikus:

Hippie on board bus.
Soliciting and drama.
Sketchy bathroom time.

Mountain Jam’s good vibes.
From fandom to friendship. Win.
Next year. Different bus.

Highlights Included:
Running into band members,
Conquering ski lift.

Up on the mountain for Mountain Jam!

Ben Folds Five- first concert in 12 years!

Unlike DC’s building height restriction, here is a fine example of a NYC skyscraper.

The NYC skyline!

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