A Look Back On Mountain Jam 2012

Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I spent this past weekend up in New York, mainly to attend the Mountain Jam music festival. I’ve got to hand it to my new favorite band, Uncle Lucius for landing a gig there. Had it not been for that band, I would never have heard of the festival which provided me with such a good time that I would definitely return next year for.

View of the main stages from the ski lift.

Seeing The Word featuring Robert Randolph from up on the mountain.

Yes folks, Mountain Jam was just full of good times and honestly, the worst part of the day was when my friend and I had to leave to catch our bus back to New York City. The day provided me with plenty of new music that was fantastic to hear. Especially notable were bands, Givers (they sounded something like a mix of Animal Collective and Vampire Weekend with a dash of Louisiana Cajun; music here), Aunt Martha (a New England-based mellow folk band; music here), Matt Schofield (a British group who really brought in some blues-soul-rock; music here), and the return of 1990’s favorites, Ben Folds Five after a 12 year hiatus; music here.

Ben Folds Five

A huge highlight was not only getting to see Uncle Lucius for the second time in four days (a new record!), but repeatedly running into the band members throughout the day. Those guys (especially Josh and Jon) were so nice to my friend and I, and it’s been such a pleasure to get to know such cool guys. Below I’m sharing two videos I took of their show. First is a new song of theirs, and a personal favorite, “Pocket Full Of Misery.” The second video is of a Levon Helm cover they played, “When I Paint My Masterpiece” (though sadly, my camera’s battery didn’t make it through the whole song, but the beginning is still worth watching).

At the end of the night, I got to see a fantastic tribute to Levon Helm, someone who has been tied to the Mountain Jam festival. It was a treat to see a combination of Gov’t Mule with Levon Helm’s own band come together at the end to play some of Helm’s hits, like this classic below. [Music begins in at 3:40.]

Ending the night with Gov’t Mule. We were like five feet from the stage!

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