Do I Have A (Dating) Type?

In the past, I’ve tried to decipher if I have a specific type when it comes to dating. I find it interesting when people claim to have a certain type who they will go after. More often than not, this certain “type” will most likely refer to physical attributes. At least for this posting, that’s what I will be focusing on today.

I’m still not sure I buy into the thinking of having a specific type, as I have really dated all over the board. But when it comes to a standard look that I will inevitably fall back to, a friend of mine, may have gotten it down. Some of the phrases my buddy suggested that my “type” could be described as, included: a little beefy/kind of chubby, a Hipster vibe, lots of hair, a baby face, facial hair. I’m not completely sold on whether my friend is 100% correct, but he did hit on some characteristics that I am a repeated offender of liking.

However, with this all in mind, it would definitely categorize a good number of guys I’ve found attractive. This is not to say that my dream guy would be encompassed of all of those traits, but a few of them definitely wouldn’t hurt either. One reason though that I am so opposed of this notion of seeking out a “type” is because I don’t want to set myself up for disappointment. But you know, more power to those people who like to think that they have a certain type of person they are attracted to. While I might think it’s limiting, it still can be fun to think about.

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