Juliette Gordon Low and Butt Plates

This weekend in D.C. the Girl Scouts of America are celebrating their 100th anniversary! In honor of the Girl Scouts, I’d like to highlight their founder, Juliette Gordon Low in today’s post. When you’re out in D.C. this weekend staring in amazement at all the girls coming together to celebrate their founding matriarch, now you will know a juicy little fun fact about their Savannah-bred leader.

The founder of the Girl Scouts of America, Juliette Gordon Low, was a unique character. She became deaf in one of her ears due to an infection gone wrong and she was also quite the artist. She has been known to sculpt, draw, paint, and decorate all sorts of beautiful pieces of art. When I visited her birthplace in Savannah back in March, I learned of a pretty funny piece of art that she created.

Iron gates that JGL created at her birthplace, Savannah

In addition to being quite the artist, Juliette Gordon Low was also a jokester. She had painted a set of dinner plates  for entertaining guests who came to visit her home. These plates were decorated with the likeness of many animals. A few of them can be seen here:

A few of the plates JGL painted.

Well, she didn’t want to serve those guests she wasn’t fond of with the same plates, so Miss Gordon Low came up with a very clever and humorous solution. In an almost-subtle move, she came up with the idea to paint an animal as seen from its backside. Thus, guests she didn’t like, had to eat off of “Butt Plates.” True to her style though, these painted plates were crafted with just as much detail and beauty. The subject however, was slightly off. Imagine seeing something like this painted onto what you were eating from:

The backside of a stag.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to snag a photo of these such Butt Plates, as they don’t allow photography inside the Juliette Gordon Low birthplace and for some baffling reason, no pictures of these plates can be found online. So, you’re just going to have to use your imagination. Nevertheless, I think that Juliette Gordon Low should be remembered not only for her amazing contribution to the American scouting scene, but also for her innovative art collection and her novice Butt Plates idea!

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