I’m A Beer Snob

Ever since I started The Beer Log to track my journey of trying as many new beers as I could, I’ve changed my perception of the sudsy substance. Before I started keeping tabs on all the new brews, drinking beer was merely something I did for fun. But now, it has become more of a task, and exploration, a learning experience. Don’t get me wrong though- I love my Beer Log and the beer-loving memories it has created, but apparently it has led to something rather unfortunate: I have become something of a beer snob.

It didn’t really hit me that I felt so strongly against certain beers until this weekend. But I suppose it started at the DC101 Chili Cook Off this year. Earlier this spring, I decided to attend the event as a volunteer, choosing the task of pouring Bud Light for something like six straight hours to the thirsty crowd at the event. Aside from doing the same task a year earlier, I had never been with so much beer before. At the end of the day, I was covered in the light beer and had become so turned off by the beverage. I tried to drink a beer at the end of my shift, but I was just so disgusted by the watery beer and the mass quantities that I had been serving of it.

The end of the beer pouring day at Chili Cook Off.

This past Saturday night, a friend had a VIP event thing at a Dupont Circle bar, which meant friends could take advantage of special discounts such as among other things, $3 Bud Lights bottles. I joked that that was pretty much the most I would spend on such a terrible beer, but nonetheless gave into the cheapest option. Something like an hour later, I was barely halfway into my now warm Bud Light. What’s worse than drinking Bud Light? Drinking a warm Bud Light. I just couldn’t go at that any further. I was ashamed that I couldn’t finish such an easy beer, but it just tasted nasty to me.

Only a fool would opt for Bud Light.

I didn’t think anything of those instances until I was at kickball yesterday. I tend to think that light beers are pretty much only acceptable for drinking games such as the ever-popular Flipcup that we play at kickball. But once again, I just couldn’t imbibe in the junk. Instead I decided upon Peroni, a light Italian beer with a nice crisp finish. It’s not any special beer, but has a bit more of a kick than the standard Flipcup choice. I ended up spending something like twice as much just to drink something I prefered the taste of.

It has become official: life’s too short to drink light beer. Sure, this phrase might find its way onto many a sticker or bar sign or t-shirt, but apparently it holds more truth to it than I had previously assumed. I suppose it’s become an unfortunate situation, that I have become so informative about the beer industry, but I suppose such a “First World Problem” is also fine with me.

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