The 2012 Stanley Cup From A Caps Fan’s Perspective

The Stanley Cup final series of the Los Angeles Kings against the New Jersey Devils was fun to watch, though as a Capitals fan, I had trouble choosing which team to root for. Both teams don’t mean that much to me, thought I still found a reason to watch the series. As a Capitals fan however, I deduced that each team in the finals had something to do with the Caps. That doesn’t happen very often, so that was one reason to keep tuned to the games.

I ended up siding with the Devils for a few reasons: their team color is red like the Caps, and in the battle between East vs. West, I figured I should side with my coast. But another reason I cheered on the Devils was for their former Capital player, Dainius Zubrus. (I even have a poster of him in my room from his days back in the early 00’s with the Caps.)

Dainius Zubrus

But then there’s the Kings, with this reason for me to cheer them on. They might not have had a former Capital on their squad, but they did have the rookie brother of a former Capital player, which is almost as good. The Kings’ could not have won the cup with the hard-working guy with the apt last name, King and so I found myself just cheering on the guy:

Dwight King

In the end, the 2012 winners of the Stanley Cup were determined last night in Game 6 in Los Angeles. The L.A. Kings treated their fans to an amazing game and an even more remarkable series win, landing the home town team the Cup. While I was a little bummed that the team I had chosen to cheer had lost, I frankly was a little relieved that I didn’t have real feelings invested in either team. Congrats to King and the Kings though. It was hard-fought and well-deserved.

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