Memphis Brings Baby Bop To The Kennedy Center

“Memphis Brings Baby Bop To The Kennedy Center.” Is that not the most confusing and eyebrow-raising title to a blog post on here that you’ve ever seen? Every word of it is true though…

Last night I went to the Kennedy Center to see the musical, “Memphis” which was in it’s second show into it’s most recent run in D.C. I was really excited to see the show for a number of reasons (who doesn’t enjoy a good musical?), mainly because I’ve been interested in moving to Tennessee. The show was pretty enjoyable and the music and dancing were a major highlight.

But this post is no review of the show. Instead, I’d like to point out a sure highlight amongst the cast. Julie Johnson, one of the members of the cast who plays the character, Mama has a truly exciting note of a previous role in her bio. Trailing on the end of a lengthy list of impressive stage roles, she ends the bio with the juicy piece: “voice of Baby Bob – Barney and Friends PBS Series.” (Check her out here!)

Yes folks, Baby Bop is in the musical, “Memphis” and guess what- the actress even goes on to steal the show in the second act. I’d rate the musical a 7.5/10, because while the dancing, costumes, and music was swell, the whole show was eerily similar to that of, “Hairspray” but less poppy and campy. It was a good time and frankly, I’d just recommend this show to anyone who ever watched, “Barney and Friends” as a kid. That sheer stardom is pretty exciting- especially since the actress so does not portray anything like Baby Bop in this latest role.

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