An Unexpected Encounter

Now, I know that just by writing about this, I will be jinxing myself, but I kind of almost want to be proved wrong about the following statement: I have never run into someone I have dated in the past, within the D.C. area. I find this kind of remarkable as I’ve dated more than plenty of people in the area- even a fellow who lives a mere three blocks away from me. This past weekend however, all of that changed…

I was in Philadelphia over the weekend for a cousin’s wedding at Swarthmore College. At the reception, my parents and I found ourselves at a table with a number of friends of the bride/my cousin. When we went around the table introducing ourselves, one of the guys struck me as oddly familiar. He had mentioned he briefly lived in Washington, D.C. but now he lives in California (also where he’s from). This guy was here with his girlfriend, who was a friend of the bride.

After a few minutes, I realized that not only did I know this guy sitting just two seats away from me, but that I had been on a date with him! I recognized his enthusiastic and embellished manner of talking right away. I remembered the incredibly uncomfortable date we went on in which he did most of the talking while I tried to drink away the awkwardness. It was not one of my better first dates and our correspondence ended shortly thereafter. I’m pretty sure this all happened three to four years ago, so it was pretty remarkable that I remembered any of it.

The whole ordeal that I had run into a guy I had once been on a date with was pretty weird. I had never run into someone I had dated before, and it took a wedding in another state for that to finally happen to me. I find it amazing that this guy traveled from across the country to be “reunited” with me by complete chance. Now, I’m not sure if the guy remembered me, but my parents seemed to think so, and once I realized that I had some history with this fellow, I think my uneasiness around him and his girlfriend became an evidence that he may have caught onto. Nonetheless, I just find the whole scenario amusing and very, very weird.

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