Deadman is Alive!

Like with my introduction to Sons of Fathers, I have been fortunate enough to be introduced to some pretty great bands through my love of Uncle Lucius. My latest musical discovery came from checking out one of the bands that Uncle Lucius is supposedly playing with at the end of the month, Deadman. I figured that I’ve already had such good luck with seeing one Austin-based band that has played with Uncle Lucius, so my chances were already high that I’d take a liking to Deadman.

I decided to check out the band’s website to learn about them. I checked out some of the band’s photos to get a feeling for who the band comprised. My first impressions delighted me. I saw a group of youngish men with plenty of hair, much like that of Uncle Lucius. I was immediately interested in hearing what they had to offer.

I moseyed over to the music page of their website and was more than delighted to find that they had an entire live album that you could listen to for free. Needless to say, their music is the only thing that I have been listening to for the last 48 hours, because it’s just that good. I’d describe their sound as a mix of Van Morrison, The Counting Crows, The Band, and some Southern soul thrown together. Some of my favorite songs are below:

Deadman’s vocals are unique for their over-emphasis on hard sounds which makes it difficult not to understand the words. I love it when I actually can understand the lyrics so this is good. Like, Uncle Lucius, Deadman implores the use of a fantastic keyboardist, which adds a fun, vintage-like quality to their sound. The keyboard adds a great organ sound which plays well to the soulful sound. The large six-piece band also succeeds with contributing a rich sound of back-up vocals.

Apparently for some reason, Deadman has toured extensively in Europe, specifically Sweden which sure is unique, but I’d prefer if the band came up from Austin to D.C. because it would be fantastic to see them play live. If I have to haul myself all the way down to Austin, I suppose that would be yet another decent reason to actually go and visit, but I think the band would do just fine touring up to D.C. too. Either way though, I’m always happy to find new music!

 Check out 0:21 especially. This is a video of the background of the band.

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