Street Art: Y’all!

Today’s post is another street art edition, this time though, we’re covering a number of stickers in one specific location. Specifically, along Independence Ave. SW, D.C.. This week, I came across a few intriguing stickers on the side of the street that especially caught my eye:

I suppose my initial attention was grasped by the numerous, “no nukes y’all” stickers making their way around the SW area. As I’m a sucker for the word, “y’all,”, these stickers were especially getting my attention. They could be advertising anything, but so long as they were including the word, “y’all,” these stickers would be grabbing my attention!

Some of these stickers really are eye-catching for their imagery. For one, what’s up with that empty glass (in the bottom left corner)? I admit I may not know what the glass is all about, but I believe that isn’t the point. It’s not what the actual sticker means or stands for, but rather that it simply catches the viewer’s attention.

The same goes for the sticker in the top right of the photo. Again, I don’t exactly know anything about this eyeball-encompassing alien figure, but I believe that that doesn’t matter. (Although, for the record, I have at least seen street art images from this such artist, but I don’t know anything about this character/artist, except for sheer exposure and familiarity.

Frankly, I feel that if a piece of art simply gets noticed; and if the goal is merely exposure, then I call it an effective solution. And really, I feel like that’s really what matters. And since I even noticed these stickers, then these stickers are a success in the arts business!

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