Three Years To Day

Three years ago today we lost two fantastic celebrities: Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett. When the newspaper reminded me that it was three years ago that these two well known and well loved famous people had died, I was initially shocked. Had it already been three whole years?

I was talking to a friend about how time has passed since that memorable day. It’s kind of weird that it’s already been three years. To me, that seems like a long time, though I can still clearly recall where I was when I heard the news that MJ had died. When I think about when I heard the news, I can confirm that it really was three years ago.

So sure, the first year anniversary was probably the strangest- we were still getting used to the idea that an icon was gone from us, at least in a tangible sense. Then came the second year, when the realization was more realistically settling in. Three years later, we’ve seemed to accept the fact, but it no less stings. To celebrate their lives, I offer these two videos up:

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