Celebrity Photos Gone Wrong 2

It’s a Friday, so I won’t boggle your overheated brains with much today. The last time I did this sort of post was back in March, and boy was it fun. Today, I might only be sharing one picture as opposed to the two I created last time, but I assure you it is still of high quality.

Today, we have a photo taken from the Express paper that I have so graciously doctored and changed in all my creative thinking glory. The original photo is of Katy Perry, but I’ve decided to turn her image upside-down and make her unrecognizable. I admit my methods might not be the most original, but it still creates quite a site:

Just to be clear, this is in no way bashing Katy Perry. While I may not be biggest fan of her music, I have no qualms with Miss Perry as a person, and while she may have tried some pretty creative costumes and get-ups, this is not necessarily a look I think she should try.

Otherwise, I kind of love the irony here. When Katy Perry made the music video for her hit song, “Last Friday Night,” she purposefully tried to make herself unattractive, but her idea of ugly’s got nothing on my creation. I’m sorry Katy Perry, you might need to get more creative next time you want to get ugly. Maybe you should seek out my advice!

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