D.C. Gets Its Kicks

Today’s Examiner newspaper alerted me to a pretty cool news item: this city of Washington, D.C. is being honored with its own shoe from Nike. The city, which is hosting the World Basketball Festival this month, has two new shoes to call its own, curtesy of Nike.

On July 14th, two new sneakers, The Jordan Super.Fly and the Air Jordan 1 Retro High D.C. will make their debut, and both shoes look pretty cool. The article informs us of the inspiration behind these new kicks, saying that “according to Nike, ‘dress blues’ were the inspiration for the D.C. colors, mimicking the uniform and medals of a decorated officer.” That’s a pretty nifty idea, but the shoes frankly remind me more of something I’d see in Annapolis, rather than D.C. Nevertheless, here are a few images of the soon-to-be released sneakers:

Both of D.C.’s new shoes.

The Jordan Super.Fly

The Air Jordan 1 Retro High D.C.

A close-up on the 1 Retro High D.C.

I can very much imagine these shoes fitting in with the Washington D.C. social scene. They’re a little bit of fun with a little bit of business, and like the city they were made for I can tell that they are for the person who will play hard and work hard. I’m looking forward to seeing these kicks grace D.C.’s streets!

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