Rip Torn

In the past, I’ve written about some fashion trends I would like to try, but since writing those pieces, I have yet to make any of those dreams come true. But I have confidence that my latest fashion “obsession” will become a reality in the near future: ripped jeans. This look always seem to be around and I want in on it.

Cool people wear ripped jeans and since I always strive to be cool, I want to wear ripped jeans too. But the jeans I don’t want to rip the jeans I already own and I can’t justify buying already torn clothing. So I’ve decided that I need to buy cheap jeans to rip. But aside from wanting to simply be cool, I want to be literally cool too. Another reason I want ripped jeans to have ventilated long pants in warmer (see: Texas) weather.

The thing with wearing ripped jeans however, is to rip them the right amount. I’m thinking that I would want to go with the standard torn knees look to allow for the right amount of cooling, but not to totally destroy the jeans. Let’s look at some good and not so good examples of ripped jeans:

Alex Ovechkin on the left, displays a not so ideal example of too-torn jeans. Sorry!

No thanks. I’d want a less purposefully torn look.

This is ok. Not too torn, but not too plain either.

Probably the look I’d most be interested in replicating.

As we can see, there are a number of ways to rip ones jeans. I really appreciate the experimentation allowed in such a fashion trend. This is a great website that shows how one can distress and rip your jeans in many easy methods. I find it humorous that I’ve never actually owned ripped jeans before- either purposefully or accidentally. (I have however owned ripped pants, however I quickly patched them up which although, for middle school may have looked cool, I look back and which I had left them torn.)

To further my dream along, I purchased a new pair of jeans yesterday. They were relatively inexpensive so if I do decide to go along with this fashion direction, I won’t feel so bad about destroying them. But I may have to look into investing more time into this look if I want it to be perfect. Once you get torn, there’s no going back…

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