My New Twin

Something unusual happened to me the other day: I had an encounter with a stranger who was just like me -in a very specific way. Regular readers of this blog will know that I have quite the affinity for Austin’s band, Uncle Lucius. If you were unaware of this, I suggest you check this out as an example of what I’m referring to.

People close to me know that I am a pretty dedicated follower of Uncle Lucius. When I met someone who is just as obsessed with the band, it was a pretty surreal experience. The whole encounter was virtual- through Facebook. She contacted me through our mutual friendships with the band members. We had a conversation online too- in which she revealed that like me, she had developed a friendship with the guys in the band. We bonded over our shared fondness for the individuals which add to our admiration for the band and its music.

Like Alice in, “Through The Looking Glass,” it was like looking at myself through a mirror.

It was kind of surreal chatting with this girl because I could better see how my peers view me. Many of my friends and family think I am out of my mind for getting so close to this band from “far away” in Texas. When I was chatting with this other fan, I could better understand my peers’ perception of how dedicated crazy I am to the band. I also found it entertaining how similar we were- not just as fans, but also as individuals. It was as if we were twins, separated at birth. It made me think that the band, Uncle Lucius truly attracts a certain type of person… or if it was just a funny coincidence.

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