Capital Q Closed!

Washington, D.C. doesn’t have that many BBQ restaurants, so when a good place comes along, not only will I take note of it, but I will also learn that the joint needs to be treasured. I really love barbecue and have become almost a connoisseur of the cuisine, trying it on many of the cities that are known to perfect the meaty goodness.

There weren’t many places in D.C. that had good BBQ that were in neighborhoods that I frequented, but Chinatown had the good fortune to be the home to two BBQ places. One place, Hill Country, has become my latest favorite watering hole and the other, Capital Q.

I’ve always preferred the food at Capital Q’s small restaurant. The prices were much more reasonable and the BBQ sauces were especially delicious. The interior was decorated in a really cool way too, with one dollar bills covering the walls of their throngs of satisfied customers. Capital Q also made a mean Sweet Tea which was pretty amazing.

According to the notice on the BBQ fixture’s website, the place had been serving it’s Texas-style BBQ since it opened in 1997, a whopping 15 years ago. The website brags that “Capital Q has been featured on the Food Network, Southern Living Magazine, Houston Chronicle, to name a few. In the past the Q has been a Washingtonian 100 Very Best and Best Bargain Restaurant.”

On Saturday evening, a friend and I paid a visit to Capital Q seeking out some delicious BBQ. When we got there, we saw a notice saying that the day we had decided to venture in, happened to be their last day in operation. I was truly shocked, but also incredibly thankful we got there before it closed. At the time of our visit, they were down to just a limited menu. With the end in sight, the lack of motivation/money/resources to refill the food options was depressing. When I asked why they were closing, the server solemnly informed me that it was due to the high rent of the place.

I’m pretty sad that Capital Q is no longer serving up delicious BBQ any more and that now when I want convenient BBQ, I’ll have to watch my wallet at Hill Country or travel further distances to Adams Morgan or H St. NE or elsewhere. I was joking to my friend, that this seems to be just one more reason why I need to leave D.C. and move to Texas!

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