From My Work Computer 1

It’s come to my attention that while at my job, I have accumulated an enormous stockpile of images I have found on the internet or made myself, that have just been taking up space on my computer. In an effort to both share what I may have found entertaining/inspiring while figuring out how to clean and sort through my computer, I have decided to share some of my “gems” with you. Maybe if I can share 10 a day, I can clean off my computer in a timely fashion! Here goes nothing!

James Franco’s grandma(/my BFF) wearing a shirt I want.

Airplane Emoticon. This is so clever.

Baby Ocelot is adorable, no?

Oh, puns!

One of my all-time favorite paintings.

I always thought it looked like the bear has boobs, but it’s supposed to be feet.

Yes. I heart Brock.

I don’t know the kid. I was only interested in this for the background. It was such a classic back in elementary school!

I just love this.

These roller skates are awesome and a good end to this post.

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