From My Work Computer 2

Well, I think yesterday’s post went jolly well. Not only was I able to start clearing off my work computer from years’ worth of accumulating junk I’ve taken from the internet, but now you readers might have a better idea of who I am. Really, I see this as a win-win situation for both sides here. Today, I’m jumping in right where we left off. Please enjoy ten more images I have found on my work computer. They are all fantastic. You’re welcome…

Yesterday I ended with car roller skates. Today is another car shoe.

Smiling carrots are adorable, no? From Yo Gabba Gabba’s song, “Party in my Tummy.” Check it out. You won’t regret it.

Taken from Facebook. I am a juvenile.

Curious George. Too cute. Love him!

I went to this show. I love the graphic design of this poster.

Used this for my Popcorn Fro post. Check that out!

I had a dream where I got a tattoo on my arm much like in this picture. It was creepy and I regretted it.

Love this poster. Reminds me of Art Nouveau.

Meat. Happy Meat. This is great-gross.

Pikachu! With a few lines but still recognizable.

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