From My Work Computer 3

Today I bring you the third day of fantastic images from my computer at work. Just throwing out some images that have appealed to me in the past few years of internet surfing. These posts are like my blog’s flirtation with pretending to be a Tumblr, only without crediting the owner (sorry, Internet). I will have all of these images shared by the end of this week, so be sure to stay tuned for the final post of this series tomorrow! Now let’s get crackin’…

I stole this from Buzzfeed. You’re welcome.

From DC101’s last Halloween party. This is a fantastic Sidney Crosby costume!

Another costume from the party. I thought this boulder costume would be great paired with a guy dressed like Aron Ralston from 127 Hours!

These mirror images are pretty wild!

A great Hipster Movember shirt from Threadless.

LOVE these Prada sunglasses!

The never-ending debate of which is cuter. I personally vote for puppies.

Speaking of puppies, I can’t tell if this is real or fake…

The most epic Dagwood-burger.

Just messing with Photobooth!

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