From My Work Computer 4

Today I bring the final episode of images found on my work computer to you, my faithful readers of CAPSLoveTwo. I’ve found this whole process of clearing off my computer as a rather cleansing experience, while also being thoroughly entertaining. So unless I can dig up some other images on my work computer worth sharing, this is the last you will be seeing of things from my work computer…

Actually had this in reference to a classic “Texts From Last Night” entry…

Baby polar bear is cuter than everything else.

A fantastic still from the “Thriller” music video.

I know a few people who own this on a mug.

I’ve had my eyes on this Urban Outfitters necklace for far too long.

Willow Smith could be an AWESOME Halloween costume! (I Whip My Hair Back and Forth)

Love the graphic.

From my Meteorologist friend. I think it could make a great painting.

Pretty much just saved this for the top photo. Creepy!

I made this to sum up a video I saw on the internet called, “Watermelon Nights.”






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