Call Me Uncle Lucius Maybe

What do Call Me Maybe and Uncle Lucius have in common? A few things apparently, but here’s a clue:

I’ve been watching a lot of music videos on repeat lately. This is due to the fact that not only is the specific song worthy of being listening to many, many times, but also because the video is just that entertaining. While watching two specific music videos which are very different from each other, I came upon the surprising conclusion that they in fact shared a common theme: both music videos prominently featured the musician performing their song in a garage. I feel like this scenario is the case for many other music videos too, but these two came to mind.

I’m amused by this commonality between the two videos because the songs and the musicians are so different. Both songs have become synonymous with this year’s summer, but for different reasons and with their own history or getting that honor. I think this is pretty much the only time you will see a comparison made between these two artists too. The real proof in the videos are shown below…

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