The Radio Is Reading My Mind

One of the reasons I haven’t been able to regularly blog lately, has been due to the unfortunate illness of my apparently dying computer. As it hasn’t been working, I haven’t been able to easily post. This morning I took my laptop to the computer doctor, to see if they could prescribe something to relieve the ailments my computer was suffering. I learned that with a lot of money I could get my computer back to its normal self. I also was informed that with more and more money (something which I was not willing to part with or obtain, for that matter), I could get a replacement computer, which apparently is something that is bound to happen. I left the computer doctor with a feeling of hopelessness, uncertainty, and especially conscious of my wallet, soon to be depleted.

As I got in the car to drive home, a song came on the radio. It was probably the most perfect song that could have been played for my scenario. I was blown away by how amazing my timing was. This could not have been just a coincidence…

I was already totally shocked at the last song that was played on the radio, but to make matters even better, the next song to be played, was just as great, if not better. It was as if the radio knew that money really was on my mind and that my lack of it was creating plenty of frustration in my life, but that even so, I shouldn’t give up. Get a load of what the next song the radio played to the tune of my life:

That could have been enough of a perfect story, but it continues… Something like an hour later, I was back at my apt. building, sharing an elevator with a friendly lady who had complimented me on a shirt I was wearing. My shirt read, “Travel More, Work Less” and the lady informed me that she loved my shirt as she works as a travel agent. I replied that I have considered working as a travel agent and I guess she could tell I obviously enjoyed to travel. We parted ways, and back again I returned to the car and turned on the radio. This time, another perfect song to reflect the occurrence that just happened was playing:

It was as if the radio happened to be reading my mind. I’m sure, I am not the first person to report such a fantastic coincidence, but today’s unique scenario was ongoing in a manner unlike anything that has happened to me before. Either the radio was attempting to converse with me, or some higher force or being was trying to communicate with me via the radio waves. Whatever was going on, it was extremely memorable and note-worthy.

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