Thank You Conan For Deon Cole

Every night, Monday through Thursday, I make sure to be in front of a television for my weekly winding-down time watching Conan O’Brien. I enjoy the show plenty, but I get especially excited whenever one of Conan’s writers, Deon Cole takes the stage. Fortunately, Deon makes regular appearances on the show, which range from playing himself, to his frequent characters of the stereotypical and token black man.

I think Deon Cole is especially entertaining, with not only his stand-up comedy in tow, but also some of his physical comedic bits. But in addition to how funny I think he is, Mr. Cole’s got another thing going for him: his looks. Yes, I find Deon Cole pretty darn attractive, and I’m not afraid to say so.

Yes, if it weren’t for Conan O’Brien, I wouldn’t know about his fantastic writer, Deon Cole. It has become that whenever Deon is featured, his comedic moments become gems that stick with me. This of course is not to say that he is the only reason I watch Conan’s late night talk show (since I am also a fan of the show in its entirety), but Deon’s appearances just make the television show all the better. So thank you Conan, for Deon Cole!

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