Street Art: Dupont Circle

It’s another edition of Street Art Fridays, my friends and today’s post brings you a picture I took of two fine samples found in Dupont Circle. The photo was taken of the back of a street sign while strolling the circle on the west end of Massachusetts Avenue. I was stopped at a stoplight and the two pieces in front of me caught my eye:

I was first drawn to the larger piece. Aside from its obvious bigger size and bolder lines, this piece stands out because of the subject of a recognizable face. Something I find unique about this piece is that the top of the figure’s head, or the hair, seems to be created from a word, possibly a nickname of the artist. It’s difficult to make out some of the letters, but it looks like it says, “elelr.” Another thing to note about the piece is that it looks like it is only drawn using a few lines, mimicking the cursive handwriting at the top.

The second piece, a sticker above, is of a hand. This piece seems to be more mysterious, as the hand is separated from any other information, and we are left with just the part of the body, the part of the whole. I like to think the artist intended this as a friendly wave to passersby, though the vague meaning or purpose of this piece is left to its audience to determine it. Aside from the mysterious meaning of this piece, the realistic drawing is something that gets this piece noticed as well.

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