Mumford and Sons Will Wait For You

Two days ago on August 7th, Indie Folk band, Mumford and Sons debuted their newest single, “I Will Wait.” It graced radio airwaves and even made an appearance on YouTube. The band’s new album comes out this September and this is the first look we have on what to expect from Marcus Mumford and his band of banjo and guitar pickers.

When I first heard the song, I thought it sounded a little too much like their previous songs and a little too “mainstream pop,” but the more I’ve come to listen to the song, the more it’s grown on me. I’ve even noticed that within hours of first hearing the tune, it became stuck in my head, something which I attribute to the song’s rising success.

The song can be heard here: 

Yet however, I’m not sold that this first listen is the best song the band could have put forward as their single to sell. First of all, it does sound a little too much like the music on their first album. I understand that bands have their own sound and typically stick with that, but this song sounds almost too familiar. I also find it kind of uncomfortable how abrupt the song starts. The song just rushes in at the start and is almost borderline cacophonous before your ears can comprehend what they are listening to. That isn’t how I imagine Mumford and Sons to go about their music, but then again, this preview is preparing us for more of the same.

Either way, I am kind of glad the song has grown on me, but I regret that the song didn’t lure me in to begin with. I am though still looking forward to hearing more of what this band has in store for their fans. I will wait…

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