Drunken Signature Art 7

Today I share with you some rather old yet still fantastic drunken signatures as art. The first signature comes from the end of May, when I attended a fantastic concert at The Hamilton. My signature is as loopy and excited as I was for the concert. I pretty much was so high off of the music and the fun, that my letters spiraled out of control after the first few letters. My disregard for clarity in writing is evident and the winding curves display the fun I was having:

Almost one month later, we find ourselves with a second drunken signature. This signature is more legible in my opinion, although this is possibly the first time I have opted for just the initial letter of my last name instead of taking the time to try to spell out the whole name. Like a number of my past drunken signatures, this was inspired by the liquor and good times at D.C.’s Hill Country. This signature lies comfortably between being legible and lazy-dazy:

I hope my next drunken signature art will come in a more speedy succession, but then again, I’m not one to rush artistic masterpieces. I do however anticipate more opportunities for such artistic expressions in the future. So be on the look out for more inebriated art!


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