Capital One Thanks Me

Last Wednesday, I got a very odd card in the mail. I received a post-it note from a roommate apologizing for accidentally opening my mail. It was understandable however, as the envelope wasn’t addressed to anyone specific. It had my address, sure enough, but no name. Inside I found a card from the Capital One Bank:

This sort of letter was pretty odd. For one, that was not the first time I had visited that bank’s location. Second of all, it wasn’t any special transaction; just a simple deposit. The fact that the card was actually hand-written and that someone went to the time to thank me for a mundane transaction seems pretty unusual to me. When I told a friend about this, my friend suggested that perhaps the author of the letter had a crush on me. A not so secret admirer? Could I have a new friend? That seems a bit questionable. Plus, wouldn’t that be an inappropriate use of company stationary?

I don’t know why I received this thank you card, but I am almost tempted to write them back a “You’re Welcome” letter. It could be pretty amusing if I became pen pals with a local bank location. I can imagine how puzzling it could be for a bank to get a response back to the letter they sent a customer, but then again, the whole scenario is quizzical to begin with!

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