A Rant: I Hate Love & Dating

The following is a rather cynical rant I had while coming home from Kickball drunk and depressed last week. I’m not quite sure what I was trying to get out of it all or what conclusion I was trying to achieve, but nonetheless I present it to you, unedited…

I hate everything about dating. I hate how predictable it is. I hate how everyone always plays the game the same way. I hate how even when things might go as planned, it still happens like clockwork. Because even if your situation does or does not work out, SOMEONE could predict the ending; someone could call the shots. It just goes to show that this so-called “Game of Love”is less a game, and more a methodology; a strategy. And those who study up on all the How To’s, the Do’s, and Don’t’s, are no better off than those who go into all that blind and unknowledgeable.

Basically, love is out there to screw us all over. And if you’ve never been scorned by love, then you must be an alien. There is no way any average Joe can escape the wrathfull grasp of love and the hurtful emotions is can spawn.

And yet, even with the bounty of knowledge that love can harm us, we still can’t stay away. But we need to learn to keep a healthy distance! Sure, we can toy with the concept of love, but when it all comes down to it, we need to hold strong and turn our backs. Because maybe love isn’t the meaning of life.

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