I Dream Of Transylvania and One Direction

I have been known to have some pretty weird dreams. Some dreams have been so strange, they have garnered their own blog posts. I recently told an especially dream to my dad the other day whose response was that my dreams are more weird than the average person’s dreams. I believe this is all true and that my vivid imagination can be held completely responsible. Last night’s dream was no exception. It combined Transylvania, a boy band, the KKK, and a marathon. Read on, to see where I’m going with all this…

Transylvania Castle

I had the weirdest dream last night. A few friends of mine (whom I recently saw at a beach college reunion) and I were climbing through cobblestone hilly streets of Transylvania. Apparently there was some drunken marathon where throngs of men dressed in all-orange were crowding through narrow streets and running us over. We were all celebrating Halloween, even though it’s August. And while trying to find some huge castle’s entrance, my friend Matt and I wandered by a huge parade of KKK. When my friend and I went back to warn one of our friends who is black that we shouldn’t continue along that route, we bumped into One Direction (the boy band). Although I have never actually heard their music, I told them that I hated their music which really upset them.

One Direction (1D)

One of the fellows in the group in my dream was the boy genius from the movie,  “Revenge of the Nerds:”

Although I had seemingly just crushed One Direction’s (or 1D as they’re often called) dreams by telling them that I hated their music, there was one lovely ballad that I expressed my fondness for. This little nerdy boy (seen above) informed me that the song I so enjoyed was the one song that 1D let him write. He told me that it was so great to have a fan of his song (apparently the song wasn’t normally well-received). I mentioned to the kid that I have blogged about music and he took this to mean that I was some famous music blogger than would land him a more important, and famous gig (which was not actually the case). The kid then latched onto me, both literally and figuratively, and fell instantly in love with me.

I don’t really remember how I managed to weasel myself away from the awkward situation, but I think my friends just noticed that I needed to escape and whisked me away while joining the tail end of the fleeting marathoners running by. Although we had escaped the clutch of 1D, we were now back to the mysterious streets of Transylvania and lost. I think I woke up when I realized that there was no hope in figuring our way out.

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