I Dream of a Werewolf, Blake Shelton, Uncle Lucius, and a Kitten

Another night, another weird dream. Seriously, my day-time activities pale in comparison to my night-time adventures. Last night’s dream, though maybe not as odd as the one before it, still was pretty strange…

I dreamt I was taking a shower in an overflowing tub of water. My brother and his girlfriend had walked in on me like everything was ok. My brother was in a hurry to shower. I think I was turning into a werewolf or something though, because I banished them from the bathroom so I could shave a rather thick beard I had mysteriously acquired.

Meanwhile, a friend of my brother’s girlfriend was over playing with her new kitten. When I eventually left the bathroom, I discovered that everyone had gone but had forgotten the kitten. I was in my bedroom in my old house and then spent the next chunk of the dream trying to coral the tiny kitten to take it to its owner. It seemed that the kitten had taken a strong liking to a few extremely soft and pink-colored stuffed animals I had in the room.

When I had finally gotten ahold of the cat, I was magically relocated to standing by a truck in Austin, Texas. I had come upon the truck belonging to one of the members of the band, Uncle Lucius. We were all just chilling and hanging out, but I kept asking the bandmates if they could pick me up from the airport when I got to Austin. That was weird as I was obviously already there.

The fellows of Uncle Lucius

The band was in a hurry to get to a gig, so we all got in the truck and drove to this fancy concert hall where some awards show full of celebrities was happening. The dream ended with Uncle Lucius partnering up with Blake Shelton to sing a song about a kitten who loved pink stuffed animals!

Blake Shelton

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