Drunken Signature Art 8

Today I bring you the eighth edition of Drunken Signature Art. Once again, this lovely study of inebriated typography comes from Texas BBQ bar, Hill Country in D.C.’s Penn Quarter. It’s not that I go here too often, but on this such occasion, I’ve got a story to explain this piece. The bartender had accidentally charged me for a drink that was not mine, and didn’t catch the mistake until after I had signed the receipt. This receipt is the outcome…

This signature starts out pretty well. It’s pretty legible and on the path to glory. But then the goofy drunk in me takes the reigns and the straight and narrow becomes the loopy and wide. Apparently when I have a wee bit too much to drink, my handwriting becomes a loop-de-loop roller coaster. I find it amusing that much like the idea that a drunk might not walk or think straight, my handwriting follows a similar path. Here’s to more loops to come!

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