Austin Bound!

After months of hoping, waiting, and planning, today I am finally embarking on a trip to Austin, Texas! I’ve been fond of the state of Texas ever since I first (and last) ventured there for a road trip, a few years ago. But I have never been to the liberal hub of the Lone Star State, and after becoming a dire-hard fan of a number of Austin-based bands, I decided it was my due time.

I will admit that a primary reason for my latest interest in Austin, is because of my admiration of Austin band, Uncle Lucius. This weekend (tomorrow), the band is having a hoe-down of a concert to celebrate the release of their latest album. And you bet that’s a huge factor that contributed to the timing of this trip. Thing is, I don’t recall seeing any other band as frequently as I’ve seen Uncle Lucius. This will be my sixth time attending a concert they’ve played. Any other bands I may have seen multiple times (Cake, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Santana) has likely only chalked it up to two times.

So in preparation of my trip, I have decided to make a few goals. I’d like to keep an open agenda and mind when I travel anywhere, but I’ve just heard so much about Austin and thus, am hoping to achieve a few things: have authentic Texas BBQ, at least dip my feet in Barton Springs, visit at least three historically famous music venues/bars, explore South Austin, see the state capitol, find at least one haunted building, chat with Uncle Lucius, meet some of the other dedicated Uncle Lucius fans.

I hope to bring back a plethora of photos, maybe a new pair of cowboy boots, and the new Uncle Lucius album. I’m also hoping to blog about their CD release concert going down tomorrow night and all the glory that I’m anticipating it will bring. Here I come, Tejas!

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