A Failed Pizza Date

I don’t often go on dates that end up going miserably, but when I do, it usually makes for a good story. I’m not going to get into all the sticky details of the failed date I went on last night, but I do really want to share an exchange that occurred between me and my date. The setting: the deep dish pizza place, District of Pi in Chinatown…

Me: Should we split a small or a large pizza? How big is the large?

Him: Well, the last time I was here, I was with two other guys and we were all famished and devoured a large pizza. So… let’s um, get a large…

His logic baffled me, but I didn’t feel like arguing. When our large pizza (which I felt a little embarrassed with letting him order) came to our table, my date let me know that he actually wasn’t hungry and didn’t think he could eat more than one slice. Meanwhile, when my date had informed me the night prior, that we would be going to a deep dish pizza place, I knew to prepare myself by not eating much that day. I wanted to be ready with an appetite for the heavy meal.

Seriously, I don’t really understand why my date thought that ordering a large pizza would be a wise decision. Even with his logic that “leftovers are good,” a small pizza seems like it would still have been sufficient. This one scene might seem a tad ridiculous, but never fear- it is not the reason why the date bombed. It’s just one unfortunately humorous occurrence that was sadly memorable on my night out.

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