America’s Civil War is Stepbrothers

Just a thought for today. The history of the United States if America can be compared to the movie, “Stepbrothers.”

I’ll put it to you this way. I’ve been watching to movie, “Stepbrothers,” which is a fantastic comedy. And it occurred to me that I’ve seen this plot before: a family of two sides starts out divided, fights things through, and then comes together in the end. Sure, this can be a generalization of the movie, “Stepbrothers,” but it can also describe America’s Civil War. The Union versus the Confederacy. When America was a new country, it couldn’t figure itself out, went to war with itself, and eventually came to an agreement.

So how did I come to this simile? I recently watched the music video for the song, “Some Nights” by the band, Fun. and the video takes place during the Civil War. It hit me that I was watching two videos with the same plot, just done completely differently. Check out the music video below for a great song.

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