A Look At Funerals And Love

I don’t like funerals. Funerals are never a fun thing to attend. Sure, they can be necessary for closure and comfort, but they are also beyond depressing and saddening. But there’s one reason I have come to realize that makes funerals even more depressing for me. It’s that concept of forever love. I know this is going to seem out of place, but I want to share a clip from one of my favorite movies, “Wedding Crashers…”

In the end, Owen Wilson’s character describes (at the 1:28 mark) being at a funeral where he was overcome with a sense of love and warmth. And it’s true. Funerals are all about loving one person so much. It’s sorrowing to see the widow or widower without their other half.

It makes me depressed because from a single person’s point of view, I feel like I may never get to feel that pure strength of love. I am not saying that I want to know what it’s like to lose a spouse, but when you see the agony that a newly-widowed person is experiencing, it shows you how strong a bond they shared. It’s depressing to think that as a single person, I can’t really fathom that intense feeling of a loving bond that is supposed to last forever.

So while many people get sad at funerals because of the loss of a loved one, I am additionally saddened by the idea of missing out on a strong love and the sense of not bearing to live without a certain one person in your life.  It’s this combination of depressing thoughts that just makes funerals both more sorrowful and more meaningful.

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