Hipster Musicians Who Don’t Know They’re Hipsters

Today we will look at two musicians from Texas, both past and present who somehow fit into the Hipster classification, but they probably aren’t aware of this. These folks may either be ahead of their time or just oblivious but either way, they have done something or (most likely) worn something that demonstrates their Hipster qualities.

First off we have one of The Monkees, Mike Nesmith. I appreciate what Mike was doing back in the 60’s; he was standing out in an ironic and goofy way. Mike was commonly found wearing a knit hat- at all times. It was his signature look. In a very Hipster fashion (as we can see in the below photo), he has chosen a cold-climate accessory, much like many Hipsters do. Other Hipster cold-climate unnecessary fashion choices include a scarf, leg warmers, arm warmers/fingerless gloves.

Mike Nesmith, left.

Next up we have Hal Vorphal from Uncle Lucius. Now, I’m under the impression that Uncle Lucius is not a Hipster band. (If you’re like a friend of mine who saw them recently in Austin who thinks they are Hipster however, I’d like to know why you think that.) Hal has recently been seen sporting quite an ironic combination: a bolo tie with a plain t-shirt. I love the irony of this combination: the bolo tie is a tie, and thus, to be worn on top of a collared shirt, unlike Hal’s choice of a t-shirt. Hal has also been seen recently wearing a trucker hat, an accessory that Hipsters find beautifully ironic, as they are not actual Truckers. I’m sure Hal has no background in Hipsterdom, so these fashion choices are right on target.

The perfect Hipster combo: Natty Boh and a bolo tie not being used as a tie.

Check out that Trucker Hat! And the too-cool-for-school apathy is too much to handle.

I’m sure there are plenty of other examples of musicians who don’t know they’re Hipsters, but this was just a little introduction. Both Mike Nesmith and Hal Vorphal have exhibited simple characteristics that have made them stand out as Hipsters, whether planned or not. So here’s to you, accidental Hipsters- keep it up! I support your decisions, even if they are unknowing.

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