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Next Year’s Halloween Costume Will Be Epic

My favorite holiday of them all is Halloween. Aside from all the candy and the fun and creepy decorations, I’m frankly mainly into the whole dressing up idea. I love being in costume and frequently have more ideas for costumes … Continue reading

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Simple Food Recipes For Halloween

The greatest holiday of them all, Halloween, is almost upon us, and what better way to prep for your parties and events, than to get ready for some party-planning food recipes! There are plenty of ambitious Halloween recipes out there, … Continue reading

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Easy Halloween Crafts For A Day Indoors

It’s a mere few days before Halloween, and I don’t know about you, but I’ve been house-bound all day due to the menacing Hurricane Sandy which has been battling the East coast all day. So what’s a person to do … Continue reading

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Famous Art-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Today’s Halloween related post is all about awesome costumes that pay homage to the art world. These creative costume choices reflect the work of a few recognizable artists, both contemporary and from a few years back. One of the reasons … Continue reading

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Zombie Bellhops Are Coming Alive!

Are you looking for a great Halloween movie this year that is new to the circuit but not too frightening? Then may I suggest the latest computer animated child-friendly, “Hotel Transylvania.” I saw this movie a few weeks ago, mainly … Continue reading

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My Belief In Ghosts

I suppose my belief in ghosts goes back to when a was a child. I had never experienced any significant deaths or odd happenings, nor did I grow up in a notoriously haunted area. Nay, my belief in the supernatural … Continue reading

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The Greatest Halloween Movie

There are probably more movies out these for Halloween than for any other holiday (except maybe Christmas). Halloween movies however, can fall under the entire horror genre, so when it comes to picking the best one, there’s quite a selection. … Continue reading

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